The Nehemiah Project rebuilds broken lives.

Read these encouraging stories and see how lives have been transformed.


Victor's story

Victor's story

Darren's Story

'A lot of behaviour is fear based. Fear has driven me to use drink and drugs. The programme here and the unconditional loving approach of every staff member has massively helped me.'

Sam's Story

"This time last year I had nothing, no one, and nowhere to go. Now everything has changed. I have a new hope. I have a future."

Carl's Story

"I couldn't believe it. My daughter contacted me recently. She found me. I asked her, 'Do you want to get to know me?' She said, 'I don’t know, are you someone worth knowing?' I think that I am now."

Jimmy's Story

''I don’t want to re-offend. This is my last chance. It is all or nothing. I am using this opportunity the best I can, in order to better my life and those around me.''