Graduation Lunch

Friday 8th August

On Wednesday we had our third graduation of 'A New Future' with three residents. What really struck me was the way that the men were addressing the new residents, and encouraging them to push on even when it gets difficult. It is worth it in the end.

Here are some quotes from the day:

"It gave me structure that was missing from my life. To those who have only just started – hang in there. It is worth it in the end. But you have to want it. There is no hiding place here. The doors are open for me now, but they don’t open overnight."

“I didn't know if this was right for me at first. I was frightened I suppose. Emotional... It has been a learning experience. I am now seeing the process. My future is looking ever brighter.”

“I am on a journey. I am not scared. You take drink and drugs because you are on a hold. But Nehemiah teaches you to combat that. There is always an alternative to alcohol and drugs. My faith helped me.”

As Elekwa from the Supported Housing team said, 'this is just one stop on the road'. We look forward to continue working with these men.