Ben's Cycle Ride

Wednesday 13th August

Congratulations to Ben, our resident who completed the Ride London-Surrey 100 on Sunday! Here is an update of the day from another resident:

"We only just saw him flying past us in Kingston, no possibility of stopping even if he had been so inclined. Still, it was worth it, as many people were drawn by the banner and balloons and came over to talk to me. On hearing Ben's story, one woman told her she was going home to put £20 on his page! 


The announcer at the Finish told the crowd that the wave in which Ben started had endured the worst weather of the entire ride. Ben confirmed that the first 30-odd miles was a real trial, with standing water causing loads of pile-ups as people's brakes became almost inoperable. At fifty miles he thought he was going to die (or maybe was dead already?!), but he peddled on to achieve, as you say, a magnificent time, particularly for a rank amateur. I calculate that he maintained an average speed in excess of 16 mph for five and a half solid hours (including two comforts breaks!) and he rode UP all the hills left in the shortened course, including the monster Box Hill. He is threatening to do it again next year. The boy is mad..."

We couldn't be more proud. You can still donate to Ben's fundraising page here and send him a little message of congrats.