Resident Progress

Tuesday 30th September

We would love to tell you about one resident, let's call him Richard, and the progress that he has been making since being with us.

When Richard first joined 'A New Future' programme in early 2014, from the word go it has been challenging. He struggled to open up and to trust others. He was facing many challenges with his family. Even then, he has wanted to stay and try again. Over time, and little by little, we have seen massive transformation in his life.

This week one colleague sat down with Richard in the garden to write a special birthday card to his daughter, who he has now built a relationship with again. This is a massive achievement, and one of many daily triumphs. Richard is more confident, open and makes decisions carefully. 

It takes time to recover, and this is one man's journey. We are inspired by Richard's motivation to want to give his all, even when it leaves him vulnerable. Sometimes all you need is time.