Resident Update

Friday 14th November

Here are a few things that have been happening in the lives of our residents over the last week or so:

Pre-Employment Training with RAPt
RAPt have given our guys the opportunity to take part in some pre-employment training over the next or two. This will involve helping to write a CV, teach interview skills, motivation and more. This is perfect timing as the men at 47 come to a close of 'A New Future' programme and begin to take the next step to employment and training. 

Educational Hijacking
This week the men have been learning about emotional hijacking in their educational group sessions, which can happen if for example you are under stress or their are chemical changes in the brain. The group have been talking about how to prevent this 'hijacking' from happening and causing an immediate reaction that could be destructive or unreasonable. Part of this is learning how to stay calm in difficult situations, or taking time to process in the day...

High Sheriff, Kevin McGrath popping in
It was a slightly different morning on Thursday as the High Sheriff of Greater London, Kevin McGrath, popped into the men's morning group session! The residents enjoyed hearing a bit of his own story. We love days like that!

Graduation around the corner
Residents at 47 will complete 'A New Future' programme next week! They are graduating on Thursday 4 December, which all are welcome to come along to! Find out more in events.