Moving on and moving forward

Friday 16th January

Our new residents at no.47 have begun 'A New Future' programme this week. There is one last guy to move over to the second stage of our programme, and that is David. Here is what he shared at the graduation in December:

"I have lived a chaotic life on and off for about 20 years. Those who came onto my path during that time were harmed in one way or another. If they were not lied to, they were stolen from. Even in prison I was deceiving doctors to get more drugs. Today that is not how I am living, thanks to Nehemiah and God.

Staff are here because they want to make a difference in people’s lives, which they do. Here at Nehemiah we are family. I am not deceiving or harming anyone.

I do stop and think about how it was before sometimes. I could be back in another prison cell, running around another wing, pretending to be someone I am not in order to survive. It is so good to have that time to reflect on life, and look at where I want to go. 

Life is looking good now. My mum and my sister are here today. Thank God for that. I have managed to set up my own business here, with the help from my family. But none of this would really matter if I don’t have a solid ground of recovery underneath me. It will go in a heartbeat and mean nothing, if I don’t care about my recovery."