Support to Set Change in Motion

Thursday 26th February

Jeremy has only recently arrived at Nehemiah and is taking part in 'A New Future' programme. He is a young man, with a desire to change his life. Jeremy shared his story to a room full of strangers this week, at an event at the charity.

He shared, "I have finally found the help that I have been looking for. I was a uni student and had been living with a girlfriend. When things got bad, I moved in with a friend out of desperation. He was a user, and I soon started using too. I quickly used up my student loan, and began to steal in order to feed my habit. Things spiralled, and I went to prison for the first time in 2012. Every time I came out I looked for help. I knew I needed to change. I was continuously turned away. I have been in and out of prison about 10 times, and finally came across Nehemiah who invited me to join their programme. I have started on a journey to change my life, and have finally found the support I need to help set myself in motion. I want to be a more productive person in society."

Sometimes, all you need is a little guidance to 'set yourself in motion' and make change possible. Read more about our Change Challenge this lent...