Crime Panel Evening

Tuesday 24th March

In partnership with Love Streatham and Streatham Baptist Church, last November we had the opportunity to meet with those from the community to discuss issues to do with crime in Lambeth. As part of the evening, we wanted to share the good work that charities are already doing. It was open to the floor audience to ask questions to our panel, and here are a few of topics that came up...

1) Interest/concern regarding sexual crime & especially rape - normalisation of sexual behaviour for girls in gangs / concerns of children on the internet / pornography

2) Young People – especially black young people over-represented in crime statistics / often lack of role models / need to encourage skills & talents through mentoring & coaching / importance of school, street pastors & voluntary group to help here

3) Funding concerns - Local Authorities will be limited and not be able to focus on all areas, like prevention work / opportunity for churches and charities to step up

4) Education in schools – what is being done at to educate children at school level / recognition for School Pastors and Lewin church assemblies / politically the climate is difficult.

It was a great evening of discussion, with a desire to see the community and churches better informed and engaged with local charities, police, council, and community activities.

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