Change Challenge

Friday 17th April

We launched a lent campaign this year called 'The Change Challenge' to demonstrate that 40 days is long enough for someone to change a habit. But we know that it is not easy... 

The men that we work with are making huge changes to their lives on a daily basis. As we came to a close for the lent period, our residents continued to change their lives and live substance free. 

We want to encourage you to continue to look at change in your own lives. What changes have you experienced? Were they big changes, difficult, exciting, scary? What has helped you make change possible?

Please continue to support our residents by sharing words of encouragement with them. Part of our vision is to create an environment that has a positive attitude to change and a belief that all things are possible.

Please email us your encouragements so that we can pass them on to our residents at any point, and like us on Facebook to see what others have to say...