Brian's Flat

Tuesday 26th May

John our CEO went to visit Brian a few weeks ago. Brian was part of our Supported Housing Programme for about 18 months, coming straight from prison, and was one of the first to take part in 'A New Future' programme.

After over 30 years of bad habits and hard drugs, Brian wanted to turn his life around. And he has done just that. Brian moved on from the project over three months ago, and is living in his own stable rented accommodation. Once a chef by trade, he has decided to become a counsellor and support others like him. He has completed his level 3 training. 

Brian is in a safe place and is all set up now in his flat. He volunteers, attends meetings, goes to church, and continues his studies at college. Brian stays in touch. 

We want this for every man who goes through our project. Brian is a testimony to those still with us, that it is possible.