Goodbye to Elekwa

Friday 26th June

Last Friday we said goodbye to Elekwa, one of our Supported Housing Workers, an incredible individual with a heart for seeing our residents succeed in life and know their full potential.

Over lunch together last Friday to wish Elekwa all the best, residents were sharing how much he had done for them during their time in the project...

Daniel shared "You have been a role model since day one. When you first interviewed me in prison, I knew that you were someone I could get on with and appreciate. I was so excited when I found out you were my key worker. You have been an incredible influence on my life, and a huge part of my journey so far. Please stay in touch."

Sam shared "You taught me high standards and how I should always aim to excel in all that I do. When I first joined Nehemiah and you came into my room for a cleaning inspection you said to me, 'everything looks great, except for the toothpaste smeared on your mirror.' I thought, here we go...! But you have taught me a standard in how I should live my life by these little things. I will be forever grateful for this skill."

We now welcome Kameika onto the Supported Housing team, who is taking on Elekwa's role and dealing with referrals. Kamieka has had a great deal of experience working in prisons, and has so much to offer in teaching the men. We are delighted to have her on the team!