September Message from the CEO

Thursday 24th September

As autumn sets in and we bid a fond farewell to the summer it’s gratifying to look back on the last few months and see how we continue to make progress at The Nehemiah Project. The middle of August saw another of our Graduation ceremonies – the events we hold when our residents are ready to move on to the next phase of their recovery – and, as ever, it was both an inspirational and moving occasion. Listening to the powerful tales of very personal journeys never ceases to affect those of us in attendance and last month’s event witnessed Darren, one of our latest graduates, speak touchingly of his own experience. You can read Darren’s story here.

Meanwhile, our next Graduation event will be taking place on 2 December 2015 and we'd be delighted if you were able to join us and see for yourself the huge impact our rolling twelve week programme A New Future is having. You are welcome, too, to attend one of our monthly lunches. These events are an integral part of the course giving our residents an opportunity to meet some of our supporters.

Our continued good outcomes are enormously encouraging but we know they are only possible because of the commitment of our remarkable Supported Housing Team. Working tirelessly to ensure our residents stay on track and get the help they need our Supported Housing Team remain the backbone of the charity. I have no doubt that without their dedication and hard work we would not achieve the successes we see and we’ll be featuring more about their individual roles and the job they do in future newsletters.

Looking ahead, there is always a great deal to be done at The Nehemiah Project and the coming months will see us decorating our house in Streatham and adding new sofas and curtains. We were delighted to receive funding from The Besom, recently, for eight new beds and mattresses. Environment plays a huge role in supporting the wellbeing of our residents and we acknowledge the importance of an ordered and comfortable home for creating stability and encouraging engagement towards a community spirit. We look forward to making more improvements.

In the meantime we're gearing up to launch our Christmas Appeal which we hope will raise £50,000 and enable us to help even more men to recovery in 2016. We'll be holding a major fundraising event in November so look out for our separate mailing giving further information including exciting details of the silent auction.

Finally, I’d like to end this month's newsletter with a very big thank you for your continued support. I am constantly reminded by our residents that knowing there are people ‘out there’ rooting for them to succeed is a huge incentive for them to stay the distance and turn their lives around. Your prayers, support and goodwill for their continued success has a very big impact. Thank you for staying on board and thank you for helping us to change lives.