October Message from the CEO

Thursday 29th October

Once again it gives me great satisfaction to look back on another busy month and see the ongoing positive outcomes of all the hard work that goes into The Nehemiah Project.

Our two-stage rehabilitation programme continues to produce the encouraging results we strive for and this month we were heartened to attend a court hearing with one of our residents, Philip, (set before he joined us) to hear the judge commend him for the tremendous progress he had made since committing to our course. These timely reminders continue to reinforce the significance of why our work is so important and spurs us on to maintain these good outcomes. Having completed the first stage (A New Future - featured in September’s newsletter) Philip will be celebrating his graduation at the beginning of December and, meantime, is preparing to progress to the next stage Move-On. We commend Philip for the hard work he has put into turning his life around and wish him well on the next phase of his journey. Already he is looking to engage in voluntary work whilst making plans for a career in building and design. You can learn more about Move-On, the second stage of our two part programme, in this month’s newsletter. Meanwhile, you would be very welcome to attend our next Graduation Ceremony in December and hear for yourself the inspiring testimonials of how The Nehemiah Project helps those wanting to change their lives.

More good news comes in the form of our new Mentoring Programme which is now up and running. At the beginning of this month we ran training workshops over three days and now have eight new mentors in post. These very special volunteers will be working with our residents underpinning the support which is so valuable in helping our men to stay on track. Darren, who featured in last month’s newsletter, has already signed up to the mentoring scheme. Buddying in this way can be hugely beneficial in enabling our residents to feel supported while they continue to implement the lessons they've learned from our programme. Read more about Why Mentoring Matters in our second feature this month.

In September I spoke of our plans to decorate the communal area of our Streatham property. These are the two rooms which serve the dual purpose of workshop and dining areas during the day and relaxation rooms in the evening. Last week we were delighted to finally get our new sofas and curtains. We’ll be starting the decorating, which comprises mostly painting, in the coming weeks and we’re all very excited at the prospect of a face lift to our lovely Victorian home. If you have decorating skills and can spare a few hours during mid-November we’d be delighted for any additional support - and there will be a welcome cup of tea and a bun!

We're counting the days now to our charity ball which takes place next month with Sir Steve Redgrave as our guest speaker. Sir Steve is renowned for his inspirational talks and we're looking forward to hearing his message of support for our residents. Meanwhile, look out for details of our silent auction which will be going live on our website next week.

Finally I’d like to let you know that we have Golden Bond Marathon places for 2016. If you’re up for running in next year’s Marathon and want to do your bit to support our residents click here.

Each month we give praise and thanks for your interest and continued commitment to The Nehemiah Project. Whether you’re making donations, supporting our fundraising, thinking of us in your prayers or wishing us well, it all matters and it all makes a big difference. As ever, our heartfelt thanks for your encouraging support.

I look forward to speaking with you again next month and keeping you up to date with ongoing developments and all the latest news.