Thursday 29th October

Sometimes one of the hardest challenges facing those who have made the decision to walk away from substance abuse is not the actual preparatory work for a new lifestyle but, rather, finding the resolve to maintain their new routine in the months and years ahead. 

Experience has shown us that with something as enormous as giving up alcohol or drugs very often the real tests come after all the preliminary work has been done. This can be the time when there is a risk of slipping back into old ways.

Move-On, designed with exactly this in mind, is the second phase of our two stage rehabilitation programme and follows on from our first phase A New Future (an intensive twelve weeks of workshops and process groups).

Move-On allows residents who have graduated from stage one to continue receiving a high level of support in the form of key workers and mentors while they begin the next process of rebuilding their lives.  Very often, just knowing they have this ongoing safety net can ensure that residents don’t feel they’re being abandoned, before they're ready, to start fending for themselves. This transition phase has proved extremely beneficial in maintaining our higher than national-average success rates of abstinence from substance abuse and reoffending.

Move-On takes place in two houses based in Clapham where we accommodate up to nine men who have graduated from stage one. The lifestyle is less regimented than at our first stage house in Streatham and our residents are encouraged to use their time productively to make plans for their future. Graduates are supported in finding college places or work, securing their own accommodation and building broken relationships. The process can take anything from a few months to over a year and only once they have taken all the steps necessary to maintain their independence do they finally part company with The Nehemiah Project and begin their new lives.

Michelle Maduro who manages the Move-On programme believes that it is the extent to which the charity invests in its beneficiaries which makes the whole programme so successful.

…However hard a person has worked at turning their life around it can suddenly feel very daunting to have to leave the place which has come to feel like home. Where are they supposed to go from here and how are they supposed to implement all the positive life lessons we’ve helped them with? This is where they’ve literally shed an old skin and which they regard very much as a security blanket. Having a second phase which acts as a transition makes a hugely positive impact but keeping it separate from where they started their healing process is vital too…

We believe that Move-On is proving its value but, nevertheless, we continue to look for ways of augmenting this tried and tested formula. Read about our latest developments - Why Mentoring Matters