Nehemiah at the Palace of Westminster

Tuesday 11th October

Nehemiah staff found themselves at the Palace of Westminster on 10th October, for the launch of a book, Rehabilitation by DesignThe book is the result of a collaboration between Gleeds, Nehemiah, PWC, and some distinguished academics, and is a thought document that we hope will introduce into the prison system some of the hope we see in our rehabilitation work.

The book was born in response to The Prison and Courts Reform Bill, launched in the Queen's Speech 2016, addressing the potential to fundamentally change the way we approach criminal behaviour.  draws together a number of different themes and perspectives, and the evidence we present from the UK and abroad, is sufficiently encouraging to be included as part of the current debate in the UK. The book includes contributions from global construction consultant Gleeds; renowned Industry Advisors PricewaterhouseCoopers; Professor of Criminology and expert in prison design Yvonne Jewkes (University of Brighton, UK); Professor of Psychiatry and expert in behaviour change Keith Humphreys (Stanford University, USA); American Justice Facility Planner and Design Consultant Mark Goldman; Chief Executive of The Nehemiah Project, Dr John Patience and Senior Lecturer in Criminology Dr Hannah Thurston (University of Brighton, UK). 

This book makes a significant contribution to what will no doubt be extensive debates about the future of our prison system and the use of non-custodial alternatives. It provides realistic, evidence-led recommendations based on robust analyses, and will be of interest to anyone concerned with making a meaningful change to offenders’ behaviour. 

Rehabilitation by Design addresses the following areas:
Chapter 1:  Integrating rehabilitation and prison design: encouraging a change in prisoner behaviour
Chapter 2: Education and Work: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Hope and Aspiration
Chapter 3:  Balancing security needs with spatial aesthetics; allowing the ‘outside in’
Chapter 4: The many functions of a prison; supporting prisoners with complex health needs
Chapter 5: Balancing the books: Reducing operational and construction costs while supporting rehabilitation

Rehabilitation by Design can be downloaded from the Gleeds website