'A Year of Growth'

Friday 3rd February

We have been asking ourselves what is in store for us in 2017? Life does not stop at The Nehemiah Project as we look forward to another year of opportunities, friendships, challenges, break though and transformation.

All of our residents had a positive experience over the Christmas period. This is the second year this has happened and is exciting to see as this season can be a difficult time for many of them. A few have commented on what a peaceful time it was for them, for some the first in many years. One of our residents had said that this Christmas ‘was very emotional for him as he was able to spend it with his young child, having been in prison the previous three Christmases’. How amazing!

John our CEO said that, "It is these individual changes that I find exciting, particularly to see this working out within the family. For the young man who spent Christmas with his child for the first time, this is someone who is really taking hold of his future and training for a good qualification. The real change however is in his demeanour and confidence as he is hardly recognisable from the person who arrived six months ago. As staff we are privileged to see the steps to independence each person makes on a daily basis as they decide what their future might look like."

John’s hope is that by the end of this year we will have nearly doubled the number of men we can support as we work with new partners to expand our housing provision.  The demand for our services continues to grow. In the last year we had received nearly twice as many applications to come into our houses as in the previous year. In part, this is because we genuinely offer real hope of long-term change through our great staff team and programme and this also reflects the shortage of houses like Nehemiah.

In 2016 74% of our residents remained free of addiction, far exceeding the national average for remaining abstinent for one year (30%). As far as we know only 5% of the men we have worked with in the last 5 years have reoffended. In the last year for those in our move-on houses 90% remained substance free. We can only do this with the suppot of indidivuals and organisations alike. John says, "Some lives are so transformed they are unrecognisable. It is as if they have been waiting for the opportunity all of their life. Please continue to partner with us through 2017, a year of growth."