Check out our runners

Wednesday 14th February

The London Marathon will take place on 22nd pril 2018 and eleven runners are already fundraising for Nehemiah. 

Our runners are Tom Spooner, husband of our lovely former Fundraising Manager Olivia - Tom has made a sterling start to his fundraising. 

Paul Conn, who hails from the North of England and  newcomer to Nehemiah's ranks of supporters.

Sasha White was third to volunteer;

Martin King is a personal trainer so will already be super-fit and raring to go.

Daisy Wilmott is the niece of Trustee Joanna Whitaker and Alice Hunter-Johnson is the daughter of Trustee Kay Hunter-Johnson

Will Griffin is givign up chocolate while he trains - brave man.

Sam King is running the Marathon for the first time - honouring Nehemiah by choosing to run for us.

Theo and Benedict Leigh are brothers running in memory of their running coach, Allister Steele, who died in 2014 while running with students. They are kindly also fundraising for Nehemiah - we are pleased to honour the memory of Mr Steele

Our remaining runner is Claire Walls - we will post her fundraising page when it is up an running ....

We are thrilled to have so many generous runners volunteer to take on this mammoth challenge for Nehemiah - please support them too, either by sponsorship or cheering them on along the Marathon route.