Gavin worked for years in investment and finance, most recently with the Tudor Investment Corporation. Gavin is a Global Envoy for The Global Fund for Forgotten People, an initiative of the Order of Malta; in this capacity he seeks to visit projects either funded by, or which might be funded by, the Fund, as well as representing the Fund to potential supporters. Gavin is also an active supporter of the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House where he is a member of the Director’s Circle of Funders, and UNICEF, where he is a Global Guardian. Gavin is a founding Director of the education-focused charity SHINE Trust where he served as Chairman for five years; since August 2000, SHINE has donated almost £25 million, helping 280,000 children from 5000 schools. The Gavin Boyle Fellowship in Cosmology and Exoplanetary Science has recently been endowed at Cambridge University, by a joint donation from Gavin and the Kavli Foundation, and aims at attracting outstanding observers and theorists with interests in the areas of Exoplanetary Science or Cosmology, and who have the potential to become leaders in their fields.

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