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The Charity

The Nehemiah Project is an independent charity working as a residential drug and alcohol recovery service for adult men, with five houses in South London. We accept referrals from anywhere, the most important criterion is that a man must want to change his life. Nehemiah is abstinence-based, with a CBT-based programme which tackles the root cause of addiction and teaches Residents how to make informed choices about their future. On completing the programme, men transfer to one of our move-on houses where they can take part in Nehemiah Works, a programme aimed at preparing them for work, with support in all areas relating to employment.

Nehemiah houses offer a homely atmosphere where Residents can address their addiction and recovery in a non-judgemental and supportive environment.  You can take a virtual tour of our Streatham house here

We offer a home and support for men with a history of addiction to transform their lives. Our programme is abstinence-based, providing structure and a supportive environment where men can address the root causes of their addiction, learning to make informed choices about their lives.

Our Residents invariably report multiple hardships, which often include care, homelessness and prison, becoming marginalised as the result of addiction. The Nehemiah Project has been providing this support for over 20 years in South London, but is open to men from anywhere in the UK - the most important thing is a man's genuine desire to change.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and our work at Nehemiah

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are a range of experiences during childhood that can have a big impact on a person's life as they grow up and can greatly impact them on into adulthood. These include emotional, physical or sexual abuse, as well as household dysfunction.

ACEs can significantly heighten vulnerability to addiction by shaping brain development, influencing coping mechanisms, and increasing susceptibility to maladaptive behaviours in response to stressors. 

At Nehemiah we look to enhance our support for the men we support by recognising the lasting impact of ACEs. While the practical help that we offer remains crucial (our housing support, our core program of addiction awareness to name just two aspects), we're also becoming more aware of how ACEs shape behaviour, health, and life paths.

That's why we're placing a greater emphasis on helping guys build meaningful relationships and emotional support networks. It's about ensuring they have the resilience and resources for lasting recovery and are able to build a life with substance but without substances.

Volunteer Vacancies

Nehemiah is recruiting volunteers - details below:

We are looking for volunteer Befrienders in our first stage houses - five hours a week in the evening or weekend. For more information please email Paul Da Costa or Dawn Wilson 

Download a job application form

Stories of Transformation

Darren’s Story

I’ve graduated now and moved to the second phase ‘Moving On’. The house is very calm and I’ve started a three year plumbing course. I go to college three days a week.

Carl’s Story

I couldn’t believe it. My daughter contacted me recently. She found me. I asked her, ‘Do you want to get to know me?’ She said, ‘I don’t know, are you someone worth knowing?’ I think that I am now.

Jimmy’s Story

I don’t want to re-offend. This is my last chance. It is all or nothing. I am using this opportunity the best I can, in order to better my life and those around me.

Victor’s Story

I hope to start a business, to help people that were in my position, support places like Nehemiah, that supported me when I needed help. The Nehemiah is the only thing that’s worked.

The Nehemiah Project is in partnership with the British Association of the Order of Malta - read more here about our work together

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