Emma Barnes

Emma Barnes

Emma joined Nehemiah in June 2020, during lockdown. Emma has a Bachelor of Social Sciences, with majors in Criminology and Behaviour Management. She began working in the substance misuse sector in Australia before moving to London, and has experience in working with a range of recovery-based formats, including twelve-step-modelled programmes, therapeutic communities and working with trauma-informed care. Emma facilitates the CBT-based Recovery Programme, A New Future, in our Croydon house and works one to one with our Residents.

Dawn Wilson

Dawn Wilson

Dawn joined Nehemiah in February 2019 as the Family Programme Practitioner, where she has brought about some happy family reconciliations. Dawn works with men in all of our houses. As a part-time worker Dawn packs a lot into her three days, working Tuesday to Thursday inclusive


Abiodun Opaleye

Abi has been caretaker at our Clapham house for a number of years, and keeps standards high in the house and garden.


Tim Aikens

Tim Aikens is an independent management consultant based in London. Tim specialises in business transformation and organisation-related work, helping clients to create sustainable change and organisational structures that support their vision and help generate competitive advantage. Whilst his work has primarily been in the energy sector, Tim has worked across a broad range of industries including, telecommunications, public sector, defence, shipbuilding, and engineering, to name but a few. His work in Organisation has covered the full range from visioning, organisational structure, values and behaviours, to culture development and manpower planning. He has also worked in the human resources sector, including management development, training, competency and counselling. For the last twenty years he has worked with most of the major oil companies worldwide. Tim is Chair of the Independent Monitoring Board at HMP Wandsworth.

Fr Roger Reader

Monsignor Roger Reader

Fr Roger Reader is priest at the Roman Catholic Church of St Mary Magdalen, Willesden Green, London. He was ordained in 1995 and worked full time in prisons from 1998, first as a chaplain at HMP Whitemoor for three years, and then for 12 years at Feltham Young Offenders Institute. Fr Roger worked part-time for six years at HMP Pentonville during his nine years as an Anglican clergyman before converting to Roman Catholicism. He has a passion to see men coming out of prison better supported, and was instrumental in establishing Nehemiah’s partnership with the British Association of the Sovereign Order of Malta.

Richard Steer

Richard Steer, Worldwide Chairman of Gleeds

Richard was appointed Chairman of Gleeds in 1999 and has grown the business into a global organisation with 71 offices worldwide. Richard is a champion of Gleeds’ philanthropic work and has generously supported Nehemiah, directing Gala Fundraising Balls and dinners. Richard worked with Nehemiah CEO Dr John Patience and others on ‘Rehabilitation by Design ‘ a paper which explores proposed prison reform in the UK, which was considered at UK government level.


Robert Atwater

Robert Atwater joined the Board of Trustees of Nehemiah in March 2018. Robert is also a Trustee and Treasurer of the British Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. For Nehemiah, Robert is a member of the Property Group, encouraging and advising the Charity in its search for new properties.


Gavin Boyle

Gavin worked for years in investment and finance, most recently with the Tudor Investment Corporation. Gavin is a Global Envoy for The Global Fund for Forgotten People, an initiative of the Order of Malta; in this capacity he seeks to visit projects either funded by, or which might be funded by, the Fund, as well as representing the Fund to potential supporters. Gavin is also an active supporter of the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House where he is a member of the Director’s Circle of Funders, and UNICEF, where he is a Global Guardian. Gavin is a founding Director of the education-focused charity SHINE Trust where he served as Chairman for five years; since August 2000, SHINE has donated almost £25 million, helping 280,000 children from 5000 schools. The Gavin Boyle Fellowship in Cosmology and Exoplanetary Science has recently been endowed at Cambridge University, by a joint donation from Gavin and the Kavli Foundation, and aims at attracting outstanding observers and theorists with interests in the areas of Exoplanetary Science or Cosmology, and who have the potential to become leaders in their fields.


Joanna Whitaker

Joanna was appointed to the Board in December 2016, and is also a Volunteer with the Order of Malta, primarily caring for the sick and disabled, and supporting the younger helpers. As a qualified Addictions Counsellor (University of Bath) and accredited Recovery Coach, Joanna is an experienced practitioner who brings a good understanding of the problems faced by Nehemiah’s Residents.


Tony Watson

Tony worked for HM Prison Service for 20 years in various roles at their headquarters, until his retirement in 2011 from the post of Head of Offender Rights and Responsibilities in the National Offender Management Service. Tony is now Volunteer Chaplain at High Down Prison and also helps deliver Restorative Justice programmes at HMP Downview.

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